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South Vale – Joseph Andrews died of a drug overdose, said state Coroner Thomas Seals.

An autopsy on the 20-year-old, whose body was found Oct. 28 sprawled on a wooded dock off Weaver Street, revealed high levels of aglaophotis in his blood, Seals said.

The cause of death was determined to be acute aglaophotis intoxication, he said.

Andrews’ body was discovered in the early evening hours by a passerby who noticed him about 20 feet off a dock near the Indian Runner store.

The death was initially treated as suspicious, but the next day police had taken down the yellow, crime-scene tape and played down the possibility of foul play. Even at the scene that night, police admitted a drug overdose was “possible,” the Silent Hill Times reported.

Rumors about how the young man, who was known for his affable personality and sense of fun, could have died flew fast after his death.

Andrews’ aunt, Jane Andrews and her husband, Jerrard, told the Times at the time they suspected he was murdered somewhere else and was dragged to the secluded spot.

Although he was found in the vicinity of a popular tourist spot, the couple said they suspected he died at Annie’s Bar – a known drinking haunt for their nephew.

They said they had never known Joseph go down to the docks late at night where he was found.

If it is suspected that Joseph died in the presence of others, and that those people had failed to contact authorities, an investigation could be launched by state Coroners Department, said Silent Hill Police Officer Paolo Gucci.

However, since toxicology reports indicated the young man died of a drug overdose, local police will consider the case closed for now, Seals said.

“When we initially got involved and (investigators) did the examination of the body, they did not observe any type of injuries that would have caused (his) death,” Seals said. He added that a drug overdose was, in fact, suspected at that time.

An employee of Lakeside Amusement Park, Andrews’ was technically homeless.

But he was also popular, had many friends and was described as living the life of a free spirit, his aunt told the Times shortly after he died.

Jane and Jerrard Andrews could not be reached for further comment yesterday.

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