Life after harassment: ex-Silent Hill dev Tomm Hulett speaks out

24 February 2019

“What bothers me about it most is that when people attribute the ‘F#ck Konami’ hashtag, they’re thinking of me. I know that some people are typing it like, yeah, Tomm Hulett sucks!”

I didn’t expect Hulett to be this brutally honest. I can’t decide if it’s due to the years of being dogged by the same old shit or simply the realisation that that shit is going to stick no matter what, but he’s reflective and honest without any semblance of polish or sugar-coating. There’s no spin, but there’s also no self-pity, either, as he recounts how his development career has fared under not just the weight of an angry fandom, but also the scrutiny of his peers, too. [Continue at]

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