$val) {
$clean[$key] = clean($val);

// check to make sure there are no empty fields
if (empty($val)) {

All fields are required!


// check our data against the exploits above and exit if found
if (preg_match($exploits, $val)) {

No naughty exploits please!


$recipient = “silenthillheaven@gmail.com”; // this is your email, don’t forget to change it!
$subject = “Typing Error Submission”;
$message = “Page: {$clean[‘page’]} \n”;
$message .= “Typo: {$clean[‘typo’]} \n”;
$message .= “Correction: {$clean[‘correction’]}”;
$headers = “From: Silent Hill Heaven “; // this is your site/email, don’t forget to change this too!

// now we send the message, or give an error if it can’t be sent
if (mail($recipient,$subject,$message,$headers)) {
echo “

Thank you!

The typo and/or error was sent, thanks!

} else {
echo “

Uh oh …

The typing error could not be sent at this time, sorry.


// show form

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