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Konami’s Silent Hill franchise first debuted on the Playstation in 1999, and established the series’ brand of psychological horror. It went on to sell over a million units and is considered one of the scariest games of all time. The follow-up sequel was equally well received and praised for its use of new 3D sound technology that added a new dimension to the gameplay. Silent Hill 3 arrived in 2003, then came the utterly unique premise of Silent Hill: The Room. A prequel, Silent Hill Origins, hit the PSP in 2007, closely followed by the global release of Silent Hill Homecoming in 2008, Shattered Memories in 2009, and Downpour in 2012. The Silent Hill franchise has also expanded into other entertainment genres including two major motion pictures and comic series.

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One of the first Silent Hill fansites ever on the web, this is Silent Hill Heaven. With over 200 pages of in-depth coverage across the entire series – including comprehensive coverage of all the associated media, including the graphic novels, soundtracks and DVDs and thousands of screencaps – this is the only Silent Hill resource you’ll ever need!

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Listed below is the very latest Silent Hill news, featuring articles, reviews and snippets from all over the world, courtesy of Google News! Just click on the article heading to see the news in full at its source site.

  • Five More Creatures Cut from Bloodborne Have Been Discovered
    It looks like the Enlarged Head Patients if they came from Silent Hill. As you can tell, this…thing…is one of the most unfinished pieces of content to date; its textures are beyond low resolution, its geometry is rough and blocky, and most of its animations are jerky and clearly unpolished.... Read more »
  • Silent Witness spoilers: Nikki Alexander breaks down amid THAT Jack Hodgson twist
    SILENT WITNESS favourite Nikki Alexander broke down about her horrific trauma during tonight's episode, as viewers witnessed a major twist in Jack .... After struggling from the odd reality that Jack has been giving her the cold shoulder, Nikki admitted to her therapist Dr Eleanor Hill that she was trying ...... Read more »
  • Silent Witness recap: What happened in episode three? And who is the mysterious hacker?
    You've watched episode three of Silent Witness and you probably have some questions. ... For Nikki, the revelation carried extra significance – earlier in the episode she had been seen at the hospital in therapy with Dr Eleanor Hill, trying to process her traumatic burial in Mexico during last series'... Read more »
  • Meet the cast of Silent Witness
    Dr Eleanor Hill (Wendy Kweh). Wendy Kweh in Silent Witness, BBC, SL. Dr Eleanor Hill is a therapist working at the hospital who treats Nikki for her post-traumatic stress. Singaporean actress Wendy Kweh played DC Suzie Sim in The Bill, Lily Stokes in Coronation Street and Amy Teo in Holby... Read more »

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